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AreaSketch is an ActiveX control developed to add sketching and area calculation functionality to all existing applications and to new web-based applications.  The ActiveX is safe for scripting, it doesn't access file system, and it can be embedded safely in a browser or any other ActiveX control container.

Target markets are County Appraisal Districts, Appraisers, Insurance Adjustors, Builders, Estimators, Pest Control, Real Estate Brokers, or any industry requiring the accurate calculation of area square footage and perimeter values.  AreaSketch will produce a professional perfectly scaled sketch along with annotations for display and reporting.

AreaSketch is the perfect scalable solution from personal to enterprise environments.  Using a nonproprietary xml file format, developers and end users have complete control of the sketch data to use with GIS.

The Software Development Kit contains development versions of AreaSketch which can be utilized in the development environment along with complete documentation on programming AreaSketch for Pocket PC, Tablet PC, Desktop, and Web-Based applications.  Sample code is provided for .NET, Visual C++, and Visual Basic applications.

To purchase the AreaSketch Software Development Kit, a Nondisclosure Agreement or Integration Partner/Distributor Agreement must be in place and executed. For additional information and to order the SDK, please call Mark Bradford at 512-422-4445 or e-mail

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